I ought to have one

I want a laptop to blog more often ? ( attempting to be an active blogger) Dear bloggie , If  I have a lappy , then only I can do things I like with more sense of privacy and aloofness. You know that right ?


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Wudhu’ can purify ourselves. In my very own perspective , wudhu’ can lighten up our complexion giving us as Muslim and Muslimah the inside glow which I called tranquility. It is so pleasureful to be born as a Muslim. Alhamdullilah.

I did experienced the inexplicable impact of wudhu’. A friend of mine once said  to me in her bedazzled way ” How can youuu look so calm during the exam ?” (1st sem story ). It’s not that I am well-prepared ( I’m dead nervous brr..) but I just took my wudhu’ just before I enter the exam hall  ; I seldomly do it as a matter of fact , in the hope that Allah will calm me down and bless me more. See , this really prove that I am so daunted at that time.

And this friend of mine also said that she just loves seeing me that day.Only that day? ERK ERK ( damn I’m blowing my own trumpet ) Howw howw. 😛

Two pieces of advice:

1. Take wudhu’ properly

2. Take wudhu’ sincerely

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this is bound to be a while

” You never lose by loving , you’ll lose by holding back.” (Barbara de Angelis)

I don’t really find this statement agreeable. Holding back doesn’t mean a retreat or you at the losing ends actually but it gives us time to think about what best and what not for us. Truth be told , I am holding back a feeling.

O Allah the Almighty , show me the truth. Show me the right path to take. Amin

a woman’s heart should be so lost in God, that a man needs to seek Him in order to find her 🙂

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killing time with games , woohoo !

My Whoopee

I’ll stop playing when everything is starting to get busy. Stop playing this babyish stuff. HAHAHAHA

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sometimes I wonder , am I cut out to be a doctor

Am I cut out to be a doctor ?

I’m having a cold feet when I come to think about how gruesome and bloodcurdling it is to deal with accidents victims , dead people , laboring mothers and the rest of it. But I believe the fearlessness toward this whole things will develop later. ( InsyaAllah)

One day , I wish to say this : ” It’s a beautiful day to save lives. Let’s have some fun” ( Dr. Derek Shepherd , Grey’s Anatomy)

; saying it with courage and determination.


Invoking strengthens the limbs and facilitates pious works. It eases difficult matters, opens locked doors, mitigates hardship, and lessens toil. It is the source and foundation of God’s friendship; forgetfulness is the origin and summit of His enmity. [Ibn Ata’Allah]

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this , i can’t really tell.

Does anyone out there think that a hunch can really bring up the rear in perpetuity these days ? cause…….I don’t. My hunch exceptionally speaking , is undependable and unreliable *again exaggerating* hihi

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platonic ?

Love makes life so confusing, but without love would you really want to live ?

I’ll never say goodbye when I still want to try.
I’ll never give up when I still feel I can take it.
I’ll never say I don’t love ( err ? )  a person when I  can’t let go.

Anyhow , everything goes back to Allah. Keep that in observance , yeah ? ( in soliloquy mode) ; answered : sure will , always.


Verily, Allâh knows those who believe, and verily, He knows the hypocrites [i.e. Allâh will TEST the people with good and hard days to discriminate the good from the wicked although Allâh knows all that before putting them to test)].” (The Qur’an: 29.11)

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